Feel free to stay a while

After months of work, Chillesauce is officially ready to launch and I could not be prouder. I’ve been writing as a gaming journalist for over four [4] incredible years thanks to the people over at WellPlayed (formerly Do You Even Game Bro?) but don’t worry I’ll still be a part of the WP team. Chillesauce exists as a platform for the content and style of writing that I feel does not quite fit WellPlayed as well as other pieces do. This is not to say that either style or approach is better than the other but rather to say that separating the two is the best course.

My story

My story as a writer began back in 2015. I was out of school, I was down and was just looking for a way to be productive – and along came Do You Even Game Bro?, an independent gaming journalism outlet that just happened to be looking for writers. I initially started out as the site’s Destiny expert, though I quickly moved on to accepting more responsibility as my writing developed more and more. My very first review came in the form of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Menace Pain and while it’s hard for me to look back at that review without questioning what on earth I was doing, it was also a pivotal experience/opportunity that truly spurred my love for reviews and game journalism.

Over the four years that I’ve been doing this thing, I have come to meet some wonderful people. Whether it be other journalists or actual developers and designers creating games, the opportunity to grow and learn through these experiences has been endless. Naturally, there have been highlights in my time with WellPlayed and I expect for there to be many more. I see the WellPlayed team as a family of sorts, with many of them becoming good friends of mine over the course of the last four years.

Since 2017 I have been increasingly invested in the PC gaming space, learning how different technologies work and how they play a factor in the creation of games. It was here where my writing really began to grow into something else. My interest shifted from what games were being made to how games were being made. Things like game design, use of music, level design and even factors in the more technical front began to take precedent and this is where I had to start separating my writing so I could better serve both myself and WellPlayed.

Saying thanks

There are a lot of people to thank so to reduce the risk of this being a huge piece, I’ll cut it short. First up, I have to say thank you to my family and close friends who have encouraged me every step of the way in this endeavour. A lot of them would be aware that my anxiety is a big roadblock for me when it comes to doing things like this and their continued support as I put everything together is really what helped get me through some of the tougher periods of this whole thing. Next up are my friends who weren’t entirely aware of this whole thing but supported me through WellPlayed regardless. I’ve put in a lot of work to maintain a decent level of content for the family in teal while also focusing on creating Chillesauce, including being the person who edits the WellPlayed podcast every week (or three time in a week in the case of the E3 episodes). The positive reception of my content has always been what has driven me to continue what I do but also to improve at the same time.

Finally, I have to thank my WellPlayed family for everything really. I’m not exactly sure where I would be without them as the experiences I have had because of WP are what made me what I am. You’re all incredible people, keep doing what you’re doing!

Moving forward

The toughest part of any relationship is saying ‘goodbye’ and so I’m really glad that I’m not doing that with WellPlayed. My content for the site will still come through, the podcast will still be edited by me, I’ll just have another content avenue to focus on as well. All reviews done via WellPlayed will make their way here, though after a period of being on WP exclusively. However, no reviews that are done through Chillesauce will be hosted on WellPlayed (mainly because that’ll result in double ups and no one wants that).


I do hope that you enjoy what Chillesauce will have to offer. Though the site may seem fairly bare right now, it will fill up with content for you to read in no time at all!