Borderlands 3 Director, Paul Sage, has now spilled the beans on some new features set to hit the game on release in early September. The new feature is an exclusive DLC titled “Borderlands 3: Bigger, Badder, Stronger”; which promises to shake the core of the franchise.


When asked about what entails in the story of the DLC, Paul said “Look, realistically, it’s the start of Borderlands 2 and you get maybe 2 weapons to choose from and it ends just before Boom and Bewm fight. Also, Boom is being renamed to Bjoom because we’ve decided he’s Swedish now”.


Paul, when asked about the short length of the DLC asked “What do I look like Dandy Pitchfork? I’m not here to please kids, I’m here to make money”. Paul did also confirm that the two weapons that the player can unlock is a pistol and a pistol without ammo, to which he seemed particularly proud of. When asked if the two pistols were, in fact, the same pistol, he coyingly rebuked and said “In what universe is a pistol WITH ammo and a pistol WITHOUT ammo is the same? Also, you can trade real life currency for ammo to put into the pistol (he did not confirm whether for the pistol with or without or both) and the best part is that it’s not micro-transactions because Daddy Pitchfork said it wasn’t”


When asked if players can expect more content, Paul mentions that there is plans to make more DLC but production will only occur once pre-orders for those DLCs reach an acceptable level.


The DLC is set to be $24.99USD and releases alongside Borderlands 3 (although, I suppose you could play right now if you own Borderlands 2).