Chillesauce is an independent video game journalism website based in Australia which was created by Jordan Garcia; better known online as chillenotsomagic or tightjorts.

The site focuses on reviews for games and hardware which include, but not limited to, consoles and PC tech as well as in-depth analysis of various games with the goal of explaining different techniques used to create the game and how facets like game design and music are used to achieve to goal of the game itself. In addition to this, we will also interview various people that have worked on some of the games that we know and love.

The hope is that, with the website, we can explore and analyse various techniques used in the creation of games, showcasing the artistic vision and delicate work that goes behind the best and worst titles of the video game industry.

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Founder, Jordan, also writes for the website WellPlayed. You’ll notice that some of his content will stem from there (predominantly reviews done via WellPlayed). Reviews posted on WellPlayed will be brought onto the Chillesauce platform after a brief period of time.

Visit WellPlayed for more content by Jordan